The Latest Updates to Politix: Debate Map Data Breakdowns, Replies to Replies, and more…

August 20, 2012


We’ve recently added a few exciting new features to Politix! Now you can:

Connect more easily with other users.
Now, all comments (including replies) have their own reply links that you can use to respond directly to the author of the comment. Plus, when you hit reply, now you’ll see the text of the comments you’re replying to, so you don’t lose track of the conversation. And we’ll also notify the person you’re replying to that they’ve got a new reply to help you keep the conversation going!

Also, now you can use “@[Username]” in any comment to reply to someone specifically, or to bring them into the conversation. We’ll send them a little notification to let them know you’ve mentioned them.

See a detailed breakdown of voting results.
Now on every debate map, you can click “See full results” to see a detailed breakdown of the voting, by Gender, Political Party, and Age.

Detailed data breakdown from a Debate Map

Share your votes.

We’ve enabled Twitter sharing in the last step of voting, so you can easily share your statement and vote with your social networks.

Explore More Content Pages.
We’ve had a lot of interest in stories about religion, so we’ve gone ahead and made a Religion page. And in case you missed them, we recently added RaceGuns, and Drugs issue pages as well.

The People Pages are expanding also! Now you can easily check out the latest and greatest from Politix on Paul RyanJohn BoehnerHarry Reid, and Eric Holder.

Get to know us. We’ve beefed up our Contact Us page with pictures and bios so that you can get to know our team.

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are!

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