Street Fight: Topix Expands Emphasis on Local Races in Runup to Election

October 29, 2012

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Noah Davis from Street Fight recently covered our new Elected Officials Map feature, and interviewed our CEO, Chris Tolles, for the scoop on our plans for local races. for a preview of some Local Races features that will be coming out later this week. Chris gives a sneak peak of what the new features will entail:

Two years ago on Topix we put up the local races, and asked what people thought about their local Congressional race or their local assembly race. We have a whole new framework now. We built a local core group of people who are interested in the national issues, and now we are building out all the local races and the interactive functionality around the local races. We can leverage the Topix audience to that. That is going to come out soon. With all the focus on the national election, a lot of people are just now starting to follow the local races.

Read up on Noah’s full interview with Chris on Street Fight.

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