The Politix 2012 Election Roundup

November 19, 2012


The election results are in – and here at Politix, we enjoyed seeing record traffic, record signups, and record site interactions around the Nov. 6th elections! We had great coverage on election news – here are some of the highlights:

The Presidential Election

Users from all sides have been weighing in on our post-election debate map: Are you happy that President Obama has been re-elected? So far, 52% of voters say they are not happy, 45% are happy with the results, and 3% have mixed feelings. If you haven’t voted yet, weigh in now!

Election Results: State, Local, and National

From gay marriage laws to recreational marijuana laws to new State & Local Officials, November 6th was a night of firsts. How closely did you follow the results? Take our quiz and see what you know – and what you don’t know – about the election results.

Take the Election Results Quiz

You can also vote in our Gay Marriage debate map and our Recreational Marijuana debate map, and weigh in on how you would vote in if these laws were on the table in your state. Check out our Election 2012 stream to see more coverage from the elections & their aftermath.

Politix Election Contest

Leading up to the big day, we ran an election contest, and Politix user fsmakati correctly predicted the outcome for all 50 states in the presidential race! They won a $100 Amazon gift card – kudos to fsmakati for your Nate Silver-like prediction abilities!

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