Talking Points Memo: “Topix Launches ‘Politix’ Website For Those Who Wish To Remain Anonymous”

March 19, 2012

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Talking Points Memo wrote us up recently and covered our mobile launch!

TPM focuses on how Politix allows users to build up your personal political profile, and gives users “an outlet to post political content and commentary without spamming all of their other social network contacts.”  Beyond giving you one central place to discuss your political views, TPM highlighted another advantage to political discussions on Politix – the ability to post under a pseudonym:

“And in a move that separates it from the current trend of social networks tying online and real-life identities closer together, Tolles said Politix will always respect users who wish to remain anonymous and still contribute.

Pew has done research showing that people don’t want to show their political views to their social networking friends, necessarily,” Tolles elaborated to TPM, referring to a study released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project on Tuesday, which found that “a fifth of social networking site users have avoided making political comments on the sites for fear of offending others,” among other interesting statistics.

Applying that statistic to Facebook’s 800 million monthly active users, that means that there could be least 176 million people out there who have held back their political thoughts in an effort to remain polite.”

What the article didn’t mention is that while we allow for anonymity in posting your political views with a username of your choice, anonymity does not mean that users don’t have to register–registration is required to be able to interact with the content on Politix.  So-far, we’re seeing a mix of people registered under pseudonyms and with real names, and both are welcome!

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