Great Politico Coverage: “It’s All Politix”

May 14, 2012

Media, Politix

We’re thrilled that Politico‘s Patrick Gavin recently covered Politix’s aims to give people a place to take a stand on the issues they care about.

Our CEO, Chris Tolles, explained to Gavin why Politix provides an important service: “There’s no real place to be the central place on the Internet for you to share and express and be the hub of your political and issues-based opinions.”

Tolles believes there’s room for Politix in the online political cacophony. “That there are people doing it already — that’s why there’s a market, right? If no one was doing this, then there wouldn’t be a need for it. … Successful companies are ones that come in and do something slightly better and take that need that’s coalescing around other sites and bring it to [the] fore.”

Check out Gavin’s coverage of Politix here.

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